Sam's Arts and Farts

I do things sometimes.

i’m so close to finishing chapter 2 i’m gonna bARF

I have not been this satisfied and excited over a pilot episode for a long time. Way to go, Madhouse.

sakana dupple

So the family computer broke. We got a new one. Unfortunately my parents were on to me and did not allow my laptop pining to take the reigns. Dangit.
Anyway, this one has a curfew setting. Yeah. So I can’t get as much done as I would like to from now on, but hey. They claimed that I could negotiate. We’ll see how that goes.
Annnywayyy that’s all sorted out, so more stuff I guess.

*crawls out from beyond the grave* hOMEStuCK

basically i am a lazy butt who likes pants

uzu make me do. so you do it too.